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Big thanks to Click influx for their campaign audit. They found a lot of things that were causing a high cost per conversion for us. We’ve since hired them to take over the day to day maintenance of our whole account and the results have been spectacular across the board. Lower costs and better results! Hire these guys asap! David Fisher

Owner, Yesteryear Relics

We’ve been doing adwords for about 2 years and our costs per click and lead kept going up and up continously. Until finally they got too high and we had to shut the ads off and fire the company that was managing them. We got an audit from click influx where they listed and explained all the thing we could do to bring our costs down. We hired them to implement these changes and the results have been very impressive. Now our costs are back where they once were and we couldn’t be happier. Great company. HIre them! Melissa Nottelling

Owner, Little Bite Shop

The campaign audit I got from Click Influx is nothing short of impressive. They include tons of ultra specific tips that I can implement right away and see improvements. You can tell that a lot of time and thought went into it. Worth every penny! James Hirtle

Owner, Sun Belt Restorations

Our ads weren’t driving the amount of traffic we had hoped for. Fernando from Click Influx performed an audit and quickly found that the issue was the types of keywords we were using. We decided to give them a shot to manage our campaign for a trial period of 3 months and we’re extremely glad we did. Our traffic from adowrds is up 500% and could not be happier with our results. Thank you Click Influx! Zubair Sattar

Owner, Denver Tree Removal

I was looking for a company to handle my adwords campaign and was struggling to find a company that could produce. I met the owner of Click Influx in a Marketing Mastermind Group I’m in and he really knew what he was talking about, so I decided to give them a shot. Man am I glad I did, he more than quadrupled my call volume with the exact same budget. If you need more clients, this is the company to call! Garrett L

Owner, Imperial Surveillance

The audit we got from Click Influx was a game changer for us. We found tons of areas for improvement in our campaign and have been steadily applying them. The results so far have been excellent. I highly recommend click influx to anyone wanting to get more out of their adwords! Chelsea Shields

Owner, Chelsea's Treats


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"The campaign audit I got from Click Influx is nothing short of impressive."

- James Hirtle

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