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"The campaign audit I got from Click Influx is nothing short of impressive."

- James Hirtle



I was looking for a company to handle my adwords campaign and was struggling to find a company that could produce. I met the owner of Click Influx in a Marketing Mastermind Group I'm in and he really knew what he was talking about, so I decided to give them a shot. Man am I glad I did, he more than quadrupled my call volume with the exact same budget.

Garrett L

Owner, Imperial Surveillance

Click Influx has helped us a lot to get our costs per lead down. When we came to them we were paying about $80 per lead which was way too much for us. Fernando did a pretty thorough overhaul of our campaign and was able to get our cost per lead down to less than $40! We could not be more satisfied.

Tom Denic

Owner, Bristol Bay Lawns

Our experience with Click Influx has been stellar. These guys know their stuff! We brought them on to do an audit for one of our campaigns that we thought was running decently. They found some issues we hadn't caught and demonstrated a lot of good faith in providing us with detailed recommendations on how to fix them ourselves. We were impressed by their honesty and trustworthiness. Recommended!

Alex Da

Manager, Chicago Tree

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